February 6, 2012
Re: Official Result Announcement

Dear CCEA Members:
The 2012 CCEA Election Committee announced the official election results at the CCEA-CCCS Chinese New Year Celebration Party on Sunday, February 5, 2012.  This announcement is intended to inform all our members the official election results in writing and also to officially conclude the 2011 CCEA Election.
By the election deadline, mid-night of Saturday, February 5, 2012, there are 43 legitimate ballots received and tallied by the election committee with a turn out rate of 43%.  Based on the final ballot tallies and the CCEA Bylaws Article 5.2 “The Council shall have the authority to elect the President by a simple majority vote” and Article 5.3 “The Council shall have the authority to elect a Board of Directors by a simple majority vote”, the President-elect of CCEA is Mr. Kang Chen and  the Board Directors-elect are Ms. Shuqin Guo, Mr. Liqun Ke,  Mr. Baoquan Liu, and Mr. Tony Shen.  Congratulations to all newly elected CCEA officers!
You can check out the summary table of the final ballot tallies in the attached Ballot Tally Summary and also on the CCEA website at http://www.cccea.org/Election/CCEAElection2012.html

This e-mail concludes the 2012 CCEA Election. The members of the election committee, including Mr. Richard Ke who has been newly elected CCCS Principal and 2nd term CCEA Board Director, have felt so honored for being able to serve our organization and its members during this election. We would like to express our sincere gratitude towards the out-going President, Mr. Cliff Li, and his Board of Directors for putting their trust and strong support behind us to conduct this election. We also want to extend our deepest appreciation to all our members for such an active participation in this election and for giving us and the organization strong support throughout the election process. We believe that all our members will continue to actively participate in and support activities organized by the new CCEA President and new the Board of Directors.
Best wishes to you all in the Year of Dragon!
2012 CCEA Election Committee
Jason Fan
Zairen Luo
Ke Zhou (Chair)